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Fittness At 5
(706) 353-6030
Athens, GA
Bodyplex Fitness Adventure
(706) 548-3481
196 Alps Road
Athens, GA
Total Training Center
(706) 316-9000
750 North Chase Street
Athens, GA
CrossFit Athens
(706) 424-4981
190 Ben Burton Circle
Bogart, GA
Fitness Factory
(706) 367-7841
405 Lee St # C
Jefferson, GA
Touch the Sky Fitness
(706) 351-1187
Athens, GA
Classic City Cross Fit
(706) 372-5464
1911 W Broad St # B
Athens, GA
Anytime Fitness
(706) 310-0811
1260 Mars Hill Road
Watkinsville, GA
Snap Fitness
(706) 367-2220
914 Lee Street
Jefferson, GA
A New U Fitness Center 4 Women
(770) 586-0600
189 W Athens St # 13
Winder, GA

Cycle your Training Program

Written by Phano Paul Som   

Cycle your weight training program, by Phano Paul Som

Ever since I started weight training, I have always read that in order to stimulate the most muscle growth one should go heavy. Well, I've learned that after three years of training, one should cycle heavy training cycles with lighter training cycles to achieve optimum results.

Simply put, big strong muscles are the result of lifting big heavy weights. They are not, however, the result of lifting heavy weights only. Light training has an important place in building a great body. You need to learn to balance the two to develop the best possible physique.

Bodybuilding is an art as much it is a science. Although the principles are the same for everyone, each individual has to learn how to use them. The art of building your body demands that you get to know yourself. You must learn exactly what the body requires in order to grow. Basically, you are the master of your own destiny.

Find The Balance

How much heavy weight training?

The big question is, how much heavy training and how much light training does one really need? Heavy training is like extremely powerful medicine. The right amount will work wonders, but too much will be counterproductive. The right amount of heavy training taxes the muscles to the limit, just often enough. My experience indicates that one extremely heavy total-body workout a week is the right amount.

I know that a lot of champion pro bodybuilders advise training more frequently, but you have to understand how much "stuff" they're taking. This approach should produce great results for the vast majority of trainees. Even if you train on a split routine, I strongly urge that you should not work any muscle group to its maximum more than once per week.

Light workouts may feel as if you're coasting but they're just as important as heavy training. They speed muscular recovery by improving circulation and keeping the muscle fibers activated without breaking them down intensively. One light workout a week, normally following the heavy workout, is most effective for most people.

There's always the temptation to push a little more than you should on your light day, however. If your program is going as it should, you'll feel strong and energetic and you'll want to go heavier. Don't do it! Don't deplete that extra energy and strength. Let it build up, and then, on your heavy day, really go for it.

Extreme "hardgainers" will probably do best with just two workouts a week, but most people profit from three workouts--heavy, light and medium, in that order. On a heavy day, you should train at no less than 95 percent of your capacity on every part of your routine. A light day should demand about 60 percent. A medium day calls for about 75 percent--a hard workout but not a maximum one.

Common Problems

Too Much:

They find that the heavy/light/medium schedule seems to be too much. After several weeks they're really pushing on their heavy days a...

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